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Wholesale Makeup Wipes Manufacture is a company specializing in the production of medical non-woven products .We mainly produce pure cotton wet tissue,makeup cotton ,disposable underwear,cotton soft towel ,pure cotton baby urine pad, pure cotton facial mask, etc.Our company is focused on the production, sales and service in one. On the basis of professional production, to make our pure cotton non-woven products services for the global people for a better life. Our company has advanced non-woven products patent production technology and rich production experience, and has obtained various certifications and testings(ISO13485,FDA,CE,STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX,etc),also with the high quality of the production and marketing team.

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  • Address:6015 Qitimat Road, Nississauga, Untario, L1K 6M2, Canada
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Our Team

Wholesale Makeup Wipes Manufacture
Website : www.billmitchelloutfitters.com
Telephone : +1-905-826-5166
Address : 6015 Qitimat Road, Nississauga, Untario, L1K 6M2, Canada

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